Everyone is welcome to come try dragon boat paddling with us. If you are interested in having a try, this is how you can get started.

DRAGON PASS is a temporary membership supplied by Dragonboats New South Wales, that allows you to paddle with any local dragon boat club for an entire month free-of-charge. Port Macquarie, Camden Haven, Manning and Foster are geographically the closest clubs. Find a club that’s a good fit for you and your goals. [Hopefully, that’s us]

The next step is to apply to join our club. You must fill in an application form and be nominated by a current club member. Our membership officer will send this to the Committee who will vote on whether to accept or reject your application.

If your application is accepted, our membership officer will help you complete the final step which is to join Dragon Boats NSW (DBNSW) and pay your membership fees.

Register for each training session by going to our sessions bookings page. Our paddling levy is $3 per session or $25 per calendar month for unlimited sessions.