Efficient Dragon Boat Paddling Technique Part 1

Does the following story sound familiar to you? You turn up at your first dragon boating session. Someone looks you up and down and says "You look like a 48". You are handed a 48 inch club paddle which looks how you would expect it to look, and weighs what you expect...

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Paddling Technique

The most important skill to master in dragon boating is, of course, the stroke. The paddling technique is simple enough that a beginner can begin an approximation of the technique in his or her first few practices, but to move the boat with the power required in...

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Blades, bodies and angles

Before examining how to paddle well, it’s important to note that when you move your paddle effectively and with power, you move a small amount of water backward, compressing it against the larger body of water behind you, thus thrusting the boat forward. The position...

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