About our Club

Our Club is located at the rear of the Laurieton United Services Club in Seymour St, Laurieton. They are generous supporters of Dragonboating and have first class facilities that we use. Our training sessions are on the picturesque Camden Haven river. We have level access to the river and easy access parking. Anyone from the age of 12yrs upwards is welcome to come and try this fast growing sport with us. We paddle on most days of the week and you can find our schedule below and on the sessions bookings page. 

 Dragon boating means focus, fitness, friendship. ‘Focus’ means being transformed into a living, breathing synchronized machine. ‘Fitness’ means a cardio and resistance training routine that is so much fun you forget you are exercising.

‘Friendship’ means smiles and hugs and feeling like you belong.

-Paddles Up!

Our Training Days


All sessions are an hour duration unless otherwise advised.


  • 3:30pm for 4:00pm on the water (fitness)


  • 4:30pm for 5:00pm on the water (Men’s Run)
    • Half an hour earlier when daylight savings ends


  • 4:30pm for 5:00pm on the water (technique)
  • Half an hour earlier when daylight savings ends
  • 4:30pm for 5:00pm on the water (high intensity)
  • 7:00am for 7:30am on the water (high intensity)
Sunday [CanSurvive – ‘Pink’ Paddle is the 3rd Sunday each month]
  • 8.00am for 8:30am on the water (fitness)
  • 9.00am for 9:30am on the water(low intensity and new paddlers)

New paddlers are requested to sign up for the Sunday run to learn correct paddling techniques.

Hi fellow dragon boaters I would like to introduce Dee Potter and Fleur Wilson, as endorsed Member Protection Information Officers (MPIO) for the Camden Haven Dragon Boat Club MPIO SO WHAT IS THAT? Sounds a bit formal doesn’t it? but it’s not. An MPIO is a member of any sporting club, who has volunteered to undertake this role. An MPIO must complete on line and face to face (zoom in our new world) courses facilitated through Sports Integrity Australia’s, Fair Play/Play by the Rules Project An MPIO provides a CONFIDENTIAL avenue for club members to raise concerns and/or complaints related to the club, and in turn the MPIO can assist with providing information and support, to the members as to how they can resolve or manage the issue of concern Briefly then……..  WHAT AN MPIO CAN DO

  • Listen to the complainant’s concerns, without judgement and in a confidential environment (unless there is a risk of serious harm to a minor.)
  • Provide information in regard to complaint resolution processes and options available to the complainant.
  • Support the complainant in the decisions they have made in regard to obtaining resolution of their issue.
  • Reassure complainant they have a right to speak up regarding any concerns and will not be bullied or harassed for doing so.
  • Explain issues of confidentiality and advise of any conflict of interest the MPIO may have.
  • Follow up with the complainant and check they are supported.


  • An MPIO is not a complaints resolution handler
  • Does not offer counselling
  • Will not tell a member what to do, rather would offer possible solutions available 
  • Cannot intervene on a member’s behalf, however, can offer support and help decide progression

Dragon Boats NSW has recently joined the National Integrity Framework (NIF) who support clubs, offer independent complaints management and assist DBNSW development of MPIO policies We hope this brief overview has assisted with your understanding of the MPIO’s role. If you would like a bit more information, just come up as say hi!! Dee has worked as a Probation and Parole officer for many years. Fleur previously worked as a Psychiatric Nurse and amazingly, has worked as a Probation and Parole Officer for 25 plus years  See you OTW, Dee Potter and Fleur Wilson

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Laurieton United Services Club

Laurieton United Services Club

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