Role of the Secretary

The role of the Secretary is to support the President in ensuring the smooth functioning of
the club and the Committee. The Secretary is an information and reference point for the
President and other Committee members clarifying past practice and decisions and
retrieving relevant documentation as well as taking and maintaining ongoing

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manage the administrative business of the Club
  • Liaise with President to plan meetings
  • Prepare and circulate agendas and reports
  • Take the Minutes at all appointments of office-bearers and members of the Committee and
    all proceedings at Committee meetings and General Meetings
  • Record the names of members present at Committee meetings and General Meetings
  • Circulate approved minutes
  • Check that agreed actions are carried out
  • Send and receive correspondence for the Club and maintain a record of correspondence
    in and out of the Club that has direct bearing on the administration of the Club
  • Communicate information between the club and members
  • Check outgoing information pertaining to the club e.g. newsletters, publicity or
    media articles that are to be published
  • Be a signatory on the Club’s bank accounts
  • Manage Membership Records
  • Be compliant with the Club’s constitution
  • Act as custodian of governing documents of CHDB Inc
  • Maintain and file relevant documents including incident/injury reports. File and forward
    any relevant documents to DBNSW.
  • Assist in any review of the Club’s Risk Assessment Plan
  • Ensure required insurances are in place
  • Act as Public Officer and send all relevant documents and fees to Dept of Fair Trading