“Captaincy is a position that indicates honour and respect from one’s teammates – recognition
as a leader by one’s peers”

Role of the Club Captain

The position of Club Captain is a position on the Committee. The Club Captain should be a
positive role model for all club members, be approachable and communicate effectively
with them, provide support and advice when needed, encourage and motivate them.
Traditionally a team captain leads by example and is the person to whom the team members
look for inspiration and strategy especially in competitive situations.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Together with the Club MPIO and Committee members, the Captain is one of the main
    conduits of information and views between the members and the Committee.
  • Be compliant with the Club’s Constitution.
  • Be aware of occupational health and safety policies.
  • Assist in any review of the Club’s Risk Assessment Plan.
  • Regularly report in person or in writing to the Committee regarding any matters
    pertaining to their role.
  • Assist other committee members in their roles when necessary.
  • Act as a mentor to new club members assisting them to integrate with the team
    and club.
  • Act as the principal point of community liaison to promote the aims and objectives of
    the club through the press and during community events and any other appropriate
  • Liaise with coaches regarding communicating regatta information to members.
    (Note: Coaches remain responsible for team selection and crew composition)
  • Communicate with club members via the club secretary
  • Visibly support the Club by attending paddling sessions and regattas on a regular basis
    and promote the principles of fair play.
  • With the assistance of coaches, encourage members to attain and retain a good
    level of fitness.
  • Promote the ongoing training of new coaches and sweeps.
  • Liaise with the Maintenance Officers to ensure that equipment is well maintained
    and that relevant purchases are made.