CHDB Inc will not be requesting a doctor’s clearance for paddlers as a condition of paddling with us. Instead a “Wellness Check” system will be implemented to protect individuals and the club.

All paddlers are encouraged to take responsibility for their own prolonged good health and longevity whether they are competitive or social paddlers. Regular medical check-ups, blood pressure, and muscular skeletal recovery and maintenance are all highly recommended.

Paddlers are responsible for having regular medical check-ups and to let the Club know if they have new or pre-existing ailments that could endanger them or others while paddling.

To assist you with your health and maintaining a positive involvement in dragon boat racing, CHDB Inc have provided the following information supplied by professionals who understand the sport. This information can be used as a guide while speaking with your doctor. If in any doubt regarding your health, consult with your doctor.

Please contact your coaches or a member of the Club Committee if you have any questions.


Dear paddlers,

Government authorities have requested AusDBF take action to address the risks of competing in dragon boats and identified all paddlers as being at a risk of stroke or heart attack.

Dragon boating involves a combination of frequent bursts of intense activity at races and at training. Our club membership is also skewed in such a way that we have many older paddlers. Depending on the level of effort achieved during paddling, your heart rate can go from resting to maximum in as little as 30 seconds. Dragon boating is fast, fun, and furious. If a person has an underlying heart condition this sudden rise may lead to serious problems especially if the condition has not been identified.

There are valid contraindications to strenuous exercise. High blood pressure, heart or respiratory disease or severe arthritis can be aggravated by intense exercise. If you have any medical concerns, the time to address them is now, prior to commencing paddling.

The risks associated with the unaccustomed physical activity, inadequate strength and flexibility needed in paddling, launching the boat, navigating the slippery ramp etc. can lead to overuse injuries once paddling practices commence.

There is tremendous variation on how people adapt to training and paddling. Some of the variability is related to your state of fitness. If you exercise regularly through the year, you will be less inclined to develop a physical problem. Other factors include age, medical status, the stage of cancer and its treatment, occupation, motivation and how well you follow our programs.

Certain medications can limit your exercise capability and again your doctor is in the best position to advise you about interactions between medications and exercise. The bottom hand on the paddle can be injured if it strikes the side of the boat. For this reason, we recommend the use of a glove for protection.



Please complete the following questionnaire for yourself. Answering yes to any of the questions may not preclude you from participating in dragon boating. However, if you answer yes, we encourage you to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your health in the context of our sport. That discussion may possibly lead to further investigation and timely intervention.


1 Have you ever been told you have a heart condition? yes no
2 Have you ever lost consciousness or fallen over as a result of dizziness? Yes no
3 Do you have chest pain, pain in your arms, throat or jaw that is brought on by physical activity & eases with rest? Yes no
4 Have you ever noticed unreasonable breathlessness with exertion? Yes No
5 Have you ever noticed a recent drop in your fitness for no apparent reason? Yes No
6 Do you exercise three times a week to a level that makes you puff or pant? Yes No
7 Do you smoke? Yes No
8 Do you drink alcohol? Yes No
9 Do you drink more than the recommended safe level of alcohol, i.e. 8 standard drinks/week for women or 12 standard drinks for men? Yes No
10 Do you suffer from diabetes? Yes No
11 Do you suffer from Asthma? Yes No
12 Do you suffer from Epilepsy? Yes No
13 Do you have any other chronic medical condition? Yes No
14 Do you experience muscle, joint, or ligament pain? Yes No


If any of the above are a concern, please let your coaches know so that they can position paddlers in the boat and adjust the activities to ensure your condition is not aggravated. The club and the coaches take their duty of care seriously and want everyone to continue participating in our sport as long as possible.




I have read and understood the contents of the Wellness check. I hereby apply for new/renewal membership of Camden Haven Dragon Boats Inc.

Name: ______________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________




Condition Should you paddle? Who you should notify
Chronic shoulder problems Not recommended Your doctor
Minor or temporary shoulder problems Rest for recovery Let the coach know
Chronic back problems Not recommended Your doctor
Minor or temporary back problems Rest for recovery Let the coach know
Asthma Take your puffer with you Let the coach know
Heart problems Check with your doctor first Your doctor
Emphysema Check with your doctor first Your doctor
Diabetes or pre diabetes Carry some carbs Let the coach know
Epilepsy Check with your doctor first Let the coach know
Recent surgery or serious illness Letter from your doctor Let the coach know
Injury Rest for recovery Let the coach know
Serious injury Letter from your doctor Let the coach know

To download this policy click here.