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Version date:                                     23/04/2018

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To ensure the safety of members in the event of a boat overturn.


Camden Haven Dragon Boats Inc. is committed to ensuring the safety of members at all times. In the event of a boat overturning it is important that each member of the crew wears a personal flotation device (PFD) or is able to tread water for a period of time and, if necessary, propel themselves to the upturned boat or shore.


The Committee is responsible for ensuring this procedure is readily accessible by all members and included in the induction of every new member to the Club.

The Club Secretary is responsible for maintaining a record of each member’s completion of the safety swim

Members are responsible for ensuring they adhere to this policy and follow the associated procedure.


  1. New paddlers (ie not members of DB NSW) must wear a PFD when participating in CHDBC training sessions and/or come and try days
  2. Visiting paddlers (ie current members of DB NSW) must wear a PFD unless they can provide evidence of having completed a similar safety swim with their own Club. Such evidence may be an email message from Committee member of their Club.
  3. During any training session, the sweep may insist on any one or more members wearing a PFD on the basis of safety concerns due to medical conditions, weather/water conditions or other reasonable grounds.
  4. New members of the Club must wear a PFD until they have successfully completed the safety swim
  5. Existing members must complete the safety swim at least once every year in the period between 30th June (when membership renewal is due) and 30th If not completed within that period, a PFD must be worn.
  6. Any member who chooses not to attempt, or attempts but is unable to complete the safety swim must wear a PFD until such time as they complete the safety swim on a subsequent occasion
  7. Regardless of whether they have successfully completed the safety swim, any member may choose to wear a PFD at any time.
  8. The club shall make provision for members to be able to attempt the safety swim at multiple times during the season.

Procedure for conducting the safety swim

  1. A member of the Club Committee, or a Club endorsed coach or sweep, or a lifeguard at the Council pool must be present to verify the outcome of the safety swim
  2. The safety swim shall be conducted in any body of water provided at least one section of the water is deep enough for the member not to be able to touch the bottom.
  3. The safety swim shall comprise jumping into the water, followed by 2 minutes floating or treading water, then a 50 metre swim (any stroke is permissible).
  4. The swim will be from deeper water to shallower water and shall have no time limit
  5. When entering the water, the member must be wearing all clothing and accessories they would normally have on them when paddling in a training session (including water bottle belt, shoes…)
  6. During the two minute float/tread water, the member may remove any item of clothing or discard any accessory they wish prior to the 50 metre swim
  7. The Committee member, endorsed coach or sweep, or lifeguard present shall inform the Club Secretary of the outcome of the safety swim so those details can be recorded





The following may be used by the Committee member, endorsed coach or sweep, or lifeguard to record the outcome of a safety swim and given to the Club Secretary.


Member name Safety swim successfully completed

þ  ý



Location of safety swim: ______________________ Date of safety swim: ___ / ___ / 20___


Committee member/coach/sweep/lifeguard’s name:  _______________________________



Committee member/coach/sweep/lifeguard’s signature: _____________________________

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