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To ensure the safety of members through effective training of coaches.


Camden Haven Dragons Inc is committed to ensuring the safety of members at all times. An important aspect of safety is the skill and knowledge of the coach.


The Committee is responsible for ensuring this procedure is readily accessible by all members.

The Coach team is responsible for regularly reviewing this procedure and recommending amendments as required.

The Coach team is responsible for appointing a mentor to each new coach.

The coach mentor is responsible for following this procedure and accompanying guidelines


When a new coach begins training the Coach team will appoint a mentor to supervise them. The trainee coach should be consulted and have input into the choice of their mentor.

Coach mentors must have current L1 accreditation for at least two years and be an endorsed coach within Camden Haven Dragons Inc for the season immediately prior to taking on the mentor role.

The mentor does not have to be in the boat with the trainee every time. However, there must be a L1 coach in the boat with the trainee every time they go on the water. The L1 coach is there to ensure the safety of the crew is not compromised and to give the trainee feedback after the session.

The coach mentor will use the Coach Training Guidelines as the basis for preparing the trainee for endorsement.

Coach training guidelines

Congratulations on your decision to become a coach. Thank you from all the paddlers for your willingness to devote time and effort to learn these new skills to benefit the club as well as yourself.

The guidelines presented here are to assist you in your preparation for your L1 assessment and to provide a sound basis to become a competent and confident coach. The separation of skills into specific sections is designed to allow you to focus on a smaller set of skills at any one time.  Some trainees will need more attention on certain skills than others, and a trainee’s progress is monitored or adjusted by the qualified coaches.  Again this is to support trainees to gain a good level of proficiency and the confidence of the crews.

Trainees need to complete the following three units to the satisfaction of their mentor before they will be considered by the Coach/Sweep team for recommendation for endorsement as a coach within Camden Haven Dragons Inc.


Off water skills – need to be addressed prior to beginning training

  • sign Coaches’ code of conduct
  • complete “play by the rules” (online)
  • complete “community coaching principles” (online)



Unit 1 – Communication with the crew

The coach mentor will prepare the session plans for the trainee during this period.

The trainee…

  • for at least two sessions sits in the boat and observes an experienced coach, who is sitting at the front coaching position. Following each they debrief with their mentor specifically discussing communication skills such as voice projection, clear phrasing of explanations, clarity of calls, working with the sweep and observing the crew to gauge response to activities
  • for at least four sessions leads warm-up and warm-down activities that have been prepared by a L1 coach
  • for at least four sessions runs a session plan prepared by a L1 coach while sitting at the front coaching position and being observed by a L1 coach. This should be for a variety of session types and each session should be followed by a debrief with the observing coach



Unit 2 – developing session plans

The trainee…

  • develops at least 12 session plans (as required by the AusDBF L1 Coaching Course) with their mentor; together they discuss the purpose of the session, types of activities that would be suitable, characteristics of the crew and potential for injury



Unit 3 – implementing sessions

The trainee…

  • presents (at least six) session plans including warm-up and warm-down and seating plan, under supervision of their mentor or an endorsed coach
  • the session plans are checked by their mentor before implementation

three of the sessions are “observed” as required by the AusDBF L1 Coaching Course

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